ATPG12-100 AGM GEL Series are manufactured following the highest demands in the deep cycle and renewable energy applications. The batteries use colloidal or foamed silica gel to immobilize the electrolyte, which further enhances the cycling stability. Available in top and front terminal types.

Design Features
Superior deep cycle design
Very long life in deep cycle applications
Superior recovery from deep discharge
Wide working environment
Container available in flame retardant (UL 94-V0)
Capacity range: 33Ah to 3000Ah
EUROBAT design life:
2V > 200Ah: > 12 years, Very Long Life (depending on cycles)
6V/12V: 10/12 years, Long Life (depending on cycles)
Cycle life:
30% DOD: 1700 cycles (6V/12V); 2300 cycles (2V)
50% DOD: 800 cycles (6V/12V); 1200 cycles (2V)
100% DOD: 350 cycles (6V/12V); 500 cycles (2V)
Available in: 2V cells; 6V and 12V blocks
Self-discharge per month: ≤ 3% at 25°C
Operation temperature range: – 20°C to + 50°C
Recommended operation temperature: 25°C

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