Advanced technology and reliability

The ATP II series UPS applies advanced technology that increases performance and reliability: 2 high-speed DSPs with full digital control, to ensure high quality power supply, high input power factor and low distortion current at the input.

Features true double conversion with DSP, Eco mode operation for energy saving (ECO), multiple SNMP + USB + RS-232 communications, adjustable battery numbers from +/- 32 to +/- 40 units

Optional N + X parallel redundancy of up to 6 units and common battery for parallel system, it has a powerful 12A charger under 40Kva and 24A for 60 / 80Kva with an overload capacity of up to 150% for 1 min.

Ideal for: IDC (Data Center), ISP, computer rooms, service centers, precision instruments, smart equipment.

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