You don't need a science title or book to know what equipment you need!

1. You must make sure that the UPS you want to buy supports the full energy load of the equipment you plan to connect.
2. It is important to take into account the “autonomy of the UPS”, which is the time during which the UPS is capable of providing energy stored in the battery in the absence of electrical power. Consider that this can be increased with optional batteries.
3. The equipment you choose should be flexible and accommodating so that it can be easily installed in a rack or tower.
4. Easy to configure, monitor and manage locally through a modern and advanced touch screen.

5. Structure that allows the use of intelligent external battery modules to increase the autonomy time of the UPS.

6. Easy to configure the groups of controlled outlets, so that they turn on or off independently. In this way, in the event of a power failure, less critical loads can be automatically turned off, thus increasing the autonomy time of the equipment.

7. These characteristics will allow you to make a better decision that adjusts to the requirements or use that you will give to your new UPS.

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