Data Center

Network RACK

  • Comply with ANSI/EIA, RS-310-D; IEC297-2; DIN41491: PART1; DIN41494: PART7; GB/T3047.2-92 standard and ETSI standard.
  • Reliable structure, static loading capacity: 500KG (optional castors and plinth).
  • Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available simultaneously, moving conveniently and fixing reliably.


Technical supply and install floor with tile 600mm x 600mm x 32mm, with cement mortar and adjustable pedestals.

Server RACK

  • The frame is made of nine folds structure and welded by special 3-Tees.The whole configuration is firmed and the static load is 1000Kgs.
  • High density vented single front door and double section rear door make the vented area no less than 65% of the door area.


ATP provides a secure, dedicated environment for your internet servers as well as data networking servers. Atp provides the best and most modern data center, ensuring maximum availability, operational redundancy, security and continuity in technological renovation solutions.